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This Band of Brothers (BoB) are definitely Easy Company. From their first days as Christians to the last days of Secondary School, these guys have been parachuted in behind enemy lines -they are aliens and sojourners in the world. Their mission is simple: as they go, they are to make disciples of all nations teaching them to obey all He (the Lord Jesus Christ) has commanded, and surely He would be with them to the very end of the age.


The enemy they face will either have them veering away from the gospel into duty-bound legalism or moralistic indifference. BoB is a radical call to fight the fight of faith in the strength of the gospel. The brothers are called to join the fight against sin, legalism, and license by looking to Christ and His gospel. BoB equips us to fight by exposing the fleeting promises of sin and drawing us into the grace-saturated promises of God. Displacing defective forms of discipleship, BoB keeps the gospel at the centre by weekly looking to Biblical motivations to promote joyful obedience to Christ.