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Family Services (9:00-10:10 and 11:00-12:10)

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The family service has a very accessible, family friendly feel to it, with people from all ages and backgrounds, churched and unchurched, gathering to worship God. A chairman usually leads the first part of the service, as we sing a blend of the richest songs and hymns of worship, both ancient and modern, with lively instrumental backing.

We take time to pray publicly for the needs of the church and the world, we have an opportunity to give financially as an act of worship to various church needs at home and abroad, and we read publicly from Scripture as we prepare to hear God’s Word to our lives from the Bible.

After about 20 minutes at both 9am & 11am services the children and young people leave for their Junior Church classes, and crèche facilities are available throughout for parents with very young children.  Bible Class for S1&2 is at both Services.  The Celebration Group meet at the 11:00am Service leaving half way through for their own class.

Preaching at the family service is aimed at being easy to understand, applicable to daily life, and based firmly on the truth of Scripture. We almost always preach from a set text of the Bible and aim to ‘unpack’ the truth of that text in the belief that God still speaks powerfully to people today, as his Word is presented.

Both services are identical in content, with this arrangement commencing on Easter Day 2006 to accommodate the growing congregation attending the family service.

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Evening Service (6:00 – 7:00pm)

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The evening service is aimed primarily at Christians, though visitors are very welcome. It has a more adult feel, and teaching will delve into some of the deeper issues of the Christian life from the Bible that might not be tackled in the morning, while still remaining accessible to a wide audience. We want to know God profoundly and not paddle in a pool of shallow faith.

The first Sunday of the month is devoted to world mission, and may involve a report from one of Deeside’s own missionaries, or present the work of a mission that the church supports. Deeside wants to maintain its strong interest in world mission, as we await the day when people from every tribe and language and culture will worship him in heaven.

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Communion (twice/month as part of the evening service)

The communion service or Breaking of Bread is central to worship at Deeside. Following the pattern of the first Christians, we meet regularly as a church to take the symbols of bread and wine which remind us of the body that was broken (bread) and the blood that was shed (wine) on the cross by Christ to win our salvation.

Communion allows us to examine our lives in God’s presence at the beginning of the week, and to remind ourselves why we are living for Christ – ‘his love compels us, since we believe that Christ died for all’ (2 Cor 5:14).