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Monday 7:30-8:30pm

On a Monday night we meet as a church to pray in a smaller, more informal setting than Sunday worship. Often we start with a meditation from the Bible to get our thoughts right about prayer at the end of a busy day for many people.

We usually present series of prayer issues ranging from the needs of church members, the services, outreach and ministries of the church, and pressing matters in the world. The first Monday of the month is devoted to praying for Deeside’s missionaries across the world, and presents updates from each mission situation the church is involved in.

The prayer meeting is ‘open’ for as many to pray as wish. Sometimes we form smaller groups to allow more to pray, and we often feel like we are running out of time – so much to pray for, so little time! Prayer times usually begin and end with praise and worship, as we acknowledge God as the source of power for our praying.